Universal Studios Japan is once again teaming up with Gosho Aoyama’s hit detective manga, Detective Conan. But this time, they’re not just bringing in one attraction, but three. The first one is the previously-announced Detective Conan REAL Escape Game. Titled “Meitantei Conan the Escape ~Zero no Prelude~” (Detective Conan the Escape: Zero’s Prelude), this new Escape Game will act as a prologue to the Detective Conan anime’s 22nd film, Meitantei Conan Zero no Shikkounin (Detective Conan: Zero’s Executioner). This also ties up to the film’s 13th April opening in Japan.

But while guests try to solve mysteries with the first attraction, the second one treats them to a dinner and a show. Called the “Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant,” fans can dine and be treated to a live performance as well. Additionally, Detective Conan character, Tooru Amuro, will go around the restaurant and take photos with diners.

And then there’s the “Detective Conan Mystery Challenge,” which is a Detective Conan stamp rally around the theme park. It also has a mystery theme, as they try to solve a mystery alongside Heiji Hattori.

And of course, Universal Studios Japan will also be selling various Detective Conan merchandise and food. These include Conan’s tranquilizer watch, tie, crepes, and many more.

They will launch the collaboration this 19th January, but only until 24th June. As for the Mystery restaurant, they will hold it from 1st February until 20th March.

Source: Comic Natalie