After all the drama, protests, and controversies, it looks like Kemono Friends has truly parted ways with director Tatsuki and his studio, Yaoyorozu. This is because Yaoyorozu producer, Yoshitada Fukuhara, confirmed on twitter that they have indeed parted ways with the project.

In the tweet, Fukuhara explained that Kadokawa didn’t overturn their separation, and apologised to fans. He also said that the studio was set to participate in the anime’s production next March. However, with the separation, that is clearly not happening. Fukuhara explained that key people behind the production decided that the studio wouldn’t be involved in the project any longer. He also admitted that the decision surprised and bewildered him, as Kadokawa didn’t give a full explanation.

The producer also explained that the studio “had official permission” for all of its Kemono Friends projects. Of course, this also includes the now “unofficial” episode 12.1. He even said that Kemono Friends creator, Mine Yoshizaki approved the doujinshi they distributed last Comiket. He then thanked the fans for all their support, and said he was proud of their short time together.

And with Yaoyorozu out, speculations for its replacement studio have now begun. Japanese gossip website, Buzzplus News, reported that Sunrise received an offer to animate the second season. However, Sunrise only received an offer and they haven’t agreed to undertake the production yet.