Yo-Kai Watch will be having a special crossover film with the classic manga series, Gegege no Kitarou. Titled Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside: The Return of the Oni King, the film opens in Japan this 16th December. And now, the staff have revealed a brand new trailer for the film, as well as several new CMs. These videos not only preview the Yo-Kai Watch characters, but also the Gegege no Kitarou characters.

The legendary Masako Nozawa (Dragon Ball’s Son Goku) will reprise her role as Kitarou for the film. As for the Yo-Kai Watch side, it will introduce the “lightside” and “shadowside” forms for the Yo-Kai, as well as several new characters. Jibanyan, Komasan, Whisper, Nurarihyon, Lord Enma, and Slimamander will also be returning for the film.

The film will follow a 13-year old girl named Natsume Amano. In the film, the yo-kai virus, Onimaro, is infecting malevolent intentions into people, and she must wield the Yo-kai Watch Elder to stop it. Along the way, she meets Touma Tsukinami, who is using the Kigan Gear to spread evil, as well as the Oni King, Rasen. Oh, and Kitarou and the gang also show up.