Kirito’s Elucidator may just be Sword Art Online’s most iconic sword. Now, the makers of the realistic Psycho-Pass Dominator, Cerevo, is creating a more technological version of it. In fact, they’re making a new line of replica swords called  BLADEM (connected BLAde Development and Evalution Module).

The sword boasts several features, including 2,000 LED lights and also voice activation. And every time you slash, the sword will also emit sound effects according to the slash you do. It has a 6-axis sensor which can detect the angles of your slashes so it can emit the appropriate sound effect. Hey, you can even replicate Kirito’s Starburst Stream attack… even if you’re a bit short on the number of swords since you need two to perform that.

But that’s not all, because users can also customise the sword with their own smartphones. It comes with a smartphone app, which can also make your phone as a speaker to make the sword’s effects sound louder.

And if you are cosplaying in an event with the sword, just remember that it is batter-operated. But don’t worry, because you can play with the sword a bit for up to 1 and a half hours.

Cerevo is currently developing the sword for public release later this year.

Source: IT Media