In Japan, 7-Eleven has nearly everything, from the usual snacks and magazines to even bills payment. Now, it seems that the convenience store chain is also getting its own official manga titled 7-Eleven After School.

Mao Momoji of doujin circle Komorebi-Note, who has a reputation for excellent food drawings, is illustrating the manga. She and her circle have gotten the reputation for their cute characters, as well as mouth-watering food illustrations. As for 7-Eleven itself, the chain is actually supervising the manga. Here are a two of its pages:

The manga follows a school girl named Nana, who of course, is fond of snacks. And because of this, she becomes a part-time clerk over at 7-Eleven.

The convenience store currently serialises the manga and updates every day at 7:30 pm JST on @twi-yon.

Source: Comic Natalie