Dissidia Final Fantasy is getting its own home version with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. And to celebrate the game’s PS4 launch, Japanese anime merchandise store, Animate, has launched a special character compatibility quiz. The quiz asks a few questions, and then determines which Final Fantasy character is your perfect match.

The quiz asks various questions, but mostly about gaming habits. It quizzes your gaming preferences, play styles, and also techniques to determine which character matches you best. As for the results, they will include all characters in the image above. You can check out the quiz her (though it’s in Japanese): https://www.animate.co.jp/ex/dffnt_shindan/index_pc.php

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be having its Japanese release for the PlayStation 4 on 11th January. It will then have its international release a bit later, on 30th January. It will be a fighting game which features several notable characters, from Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy XV.