Yuu Kobayashi has gained a name for herself as Attack on Titan’s own Potato Girl, Sasha Braus. She also made some pretty terrible drawings that somehow landed her a job as an “illustrator”. Now, she’s taking on a much more different role, and that is as a wife.

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She revealed her marriage on twitter and said that her new husband is an ordinary man. And like most seiyuu, she didn’t reveal his identity for privacy reasons. As for her voice acting career, she promised her fans that she would still continue working hard as a seiyuu.

The ever-beautiful 35-year old seiyuu had plenty of other roles aside from Potato Girl. She voiced Sacchan in Gintama, as well as Chain Sumeragi in Blood Blockade Battlefront. She also makes appearances in several shows, as well as a few “illustration” gigs. So to Yuu Kobayashi and her new husband, congratulations on your marriage! And to her new husband, please don’t let her be an “illustrator” anymore…