The science fiction anime, Beatless, has now premiered in Japan. Based on the novel by Satomi Hase and Redjuice, the anime explores the relationship between humans and their artificial intelligence robot helpers, the hIE. And because of its focus on technology, the Japanese government has teamed up with the series to promote cyber security awareness. They have featured its main heroine, the hIE, Lacia, in a new poster ad, which talks about cyber security.

Renowned Japanese illustrator, Redjuice (Guilty Crown), illustrated the new poster himself. They will be displaying the poster throughout Japan, mostly with the various related government agencies. This is all part of the government’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month program, which runs from 1st February to 18th March.

Of course, this won’t be the first time they are doing this with an anime. They also teamed up with Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale previously to promote Cyber Security Awareness.

The anime’s producer, Junichiro Tamura, believes that the anime ties in really well with the campaign. In Beatless, the hIEs can do “Analog Hacking,” which mirrors social engineering in the real world. Of course, this Social Engineering has something to do with cyber security.

Amazon Prime is currently streaming Beatless in Japan, as well as 200 countries around the world.

Source: MoCa News