Sometimes, you wouldn’t know who would become an anime fan. However, one huge music icon seems to have raised one of them, and she’s quite proud too! Have you guessed who she is? Pardon my language but this is kinda obligatory, because It’s Britney, b****!

The iconic 90’s teen star, Grammy winner, and Saitama-wannabe proudly posted pictures of her son cosplaying as Frieza.

She also posted several drawings by her son on social media as well, and yes, they’re from Dragon Ball too.

However, it seems that her son also watches some Re:Zero. In fact, he even had a nice drawing of Rem, which the proud Britney also posted on Instagram.

Britney Spears actually has two sons, one 11-year old, and one 12-year old. She really doesn’t reveal which son is an anime fan, but it could also be possible that both of them are.