Back in 1987, Square changed the world of gaming when it introduced Final Fantasy. Now, as the franchise celebrates its 30th anniversary, Square Enix is releasing a special treat for fans as old as the first game itself. Starting 26th January, the gaming company is opening pre-orders for a Final Fantasy-themed 30-year-old single malt scotch whisky.

This 700mL bottle of Glafarclas Scotch Whisky is very special, as brewers have been working on this batch since 1987, the year Square released Final Fantasy. This is all part of a collaboration between the gaming company and Shinanoya foods, which is distributing them. And to make this extra special, Final Fantasy designer, Yoshitaka Amano, designed the bottle’s label.

However, they will only be releasing 303 of these bottles to the public. And since old scotch is very expensive, it also comes with quite a high price. But if you really love Final Fantasy (or drinking scotch), know that each bottle costs 37,000 yen. And yes, that still doesn’t include tax yet. Interested buyers can pre-order via Shinanoya’s official website starting 26th january.

Source: 0takomu