Around January, high school seniors all over Japan take admission tests to their university or college of choice. Of course, these are serious matters, and that’s why a recent test surprised plenty of takers. The National Center Test for University Admissions recently conducted its test last 13th January, and provided a few references that anime fans will definitely know about.

One multiple choice question for the geography, history, and civil studies test asked about King Arthur. And the takers didn’t expect the Fate/Grand Order reference in the choices, because it not only included King Arthur, but Rama and Gilgamesh as well. And as any FGO player knows, the game features all three historical figures as servants. Reports also state that its Iliad question also referenced the game. Of course, FGO features Homer’s Iliad in the game, as well as servant Achilles in Fate/Apocrypha.

The test also featured other anime which became popular in Japan in the past. These include Moomins , as well as The Wonderful Adventures of Nils and Vicke the Viking. However, they did spark a bit of controversy in Japan though. This is because a question asked to find the setting of Moomins in Finland. Of course, this became a problem as Moominvalley doesn’t really have a real world counterpart.

Well, that’s Japan for you. Though it’s safe to say that the test takers themselves are a bit amused with the questions. but then again, who wouldn’t?

Source: Gigazine, test image via @shu_496