The “Fate Project Oomisoka TV Special 2017” program revealed on New Year’s Eve that we’re getting a new Fate anime! But this time, it won’t be servants battling for the Holy Grail, but about cooking. Yes folks, Fate will have its own cooking anime, titled Today’s Menu for Emiya Family.

The anime follows the everyday cooking and eating life of Shirou Emiya and his friends, as well as their servants. It will be a web anime, and will stream new episodes weekly via Abema TV. The Japanese streaming site with release the first episode starting 25th January 2018.

As for the studio, expect the anime to have great animation because ufotable will be animating the web series. Meanwhile, Takahiro Miura and Tetsuto Satou are directing the series, with Toko Uchimura doing character designs. And to give the series that cooking anime feel, it also has its own “food supervisor” with Makoto Tadano.

Source: MoCa News