If you want to be a seiyuu or work with former Kemono Friends director, Tatsuki, now may be your chance. This is because he and his three-person animation group, irodori, is looking for three female seiyuu. He even posted on twitter to look for willing applicants.

Applicants must send a self-introduction, as well as a sample recording of the dialogue in the image above. However, they must send it on or before 20th January. The dialogue itself features three characters, with the first one being a bright and cheerful girl, while the second one is a calm girl with a low voice. Finally, the applicants can represent any character for the third girl.

If the applicant passes the audition, they will then do a recording within the Tokyo Metropolitan area. Tatsuki himself says that they encourage applicants with previous voice-over experiences. As for the project itself, the director also teased an artwork featuring two female characters. However, he did not reveal any further details about it yet. The trio previously teased that they’re doing a new animation project last Comiket.

Tatsuki gained plenty of headlines last year after Kadokawa fired him, as well as the rest of irodori. He, along with the rest of irodori and studio Yaoyorozu won’t be returning for Kemono Friends season 2 despite heavy fan protests.