Hatsune Miku has always represented Japan’s cutting-edge technologies. However, the iconic vocaloid character is going traditional as a Hina Ningyo, a kind of traditional Japanese doll. Japanese doll makers, Mataro, is giving Miku a traditional Japanese twist, by turning her into a Hina Ningyo.

Founded in 1919, Mataro has been making these dolls for almost a century now. Originally, they planned to give the doll an anime figure design, but ultimately decided to go traditional. However, the Hina doll does sport those iconic Miku twin tails, and for many fans, it’s all that matters.

Mataro realizes that the doll’s round, abstract features differ sharply from the bold, angular lines fans are used to seeing in Miku’s illustrations and CG models. That gap is intentional though, and the designers ask that you gaze upon Hina Miku’s face for three whole minutes before forming your opinion about her, allowing ample time for the subtle complexities of her facial contours to affect what you see.

Hina Ningyo dolls usually come in sets featuring an emperor, an empress, and their attendants. However, it looks like Mataro isn’t going with tradition as they are releasing Miku solo. And if you’re aiming to get your hands on this doll, tough luck, because they aren’t selling her. Instead, they will be displaying the doll in their store in Ueno until 9th March.

Source: Sora News 24