My Hero Academia will be returning for a third season this April, and it will introduce some new characters. These include the “Wild Wild Pussycats,” a team of… well… cat-themed heroes. Now, The anime’s staff have revealed what they’ll look like for the show, as well as their seiyuu:

Chisa Suganuma as Mandalay
Quirk: Telepath

Meiko Kawasaki as Ragdoll
Quirk: Search

Shinnosuke Ogami as Tora
Quirk: Pliabody

Serina Machiyama as Pixie-bob
Quirk: Earth Flow

Michiru Yamazaki as Kouta Izumi

The Wild Wild Pussycats will be guiding the young aspiring heroes, as well as act as their “bodyguards”. Meanwhile, young Kouta is a boy who comes to hate heroes after his hero parents passed away.

The third season will be making its premiere in April 2018 and will continue where the second season left off. And aside from the new season, My Hero Academia will also have its own anime film. Titled My Hero Academia The Movie, the film will contain an original story not found in the manga. Mangaka Kohei Horikoshi also confirmed that it will focus on the backstory of a certain character. It will make its Japanese premiere sometime in summer 2018.

As for the TV anime’s third season, it will follow the School Trip Arc. BONES will once again animate the series, as well as the film.

Source: Comic Natalie