There are a lot of ways for kids to bond with their parents, such as fishing, board games, and sports. Recently, HKT48 idol Maria Imamura revealed how she personally bonds with her own dad. In a series of tweets, the idol revealed that they build GunPla together.

While she didn’t reveal the scales of the Zakus, she did reveal who built which models. According to the tweet, she built the smaller Char’s Zaku, while her dad built the big green mass-produced one. She also revealed that her dad is a huge GunPla builder, and she even admitted that she wants to be as good as him. What a proud dad he must be because his idol daughter idolizes him for his GunPla work.

The Japanese idol industry may seem cute and fluffy, but appealing to people and getting them to follow you is hard. But now, it seems that Maria Imamura has found a way to get people’s attention, and that’s through GunPla. And yes, bonding through GunPla building with your dad is awesome too!