Brace yourselves everyone, because Hunter x Hunter is back! After a 6-month hiatus, Yoshihiro Togashi’s bestselling manga finally returns to serialisation in Weekly Shonen Jump. The magazine even featured the series in its issue #9 cover.

As usual, Hunter x Hunter went on hiatus because of Togashi’s “chronic health problems”. And while they’re happy for the return, fans are already bracing themselves and are already expecting a next hiatus. However, we should note that this latest one is quite short, even for Togashi. While his usual hiatuses last for over two years, this latest one just lasted about six months. Well, he really does have to finish the series at this point, right?

Jump also noted that its 35th volume will be going on sale this 2nd February. Currently, Togashi’s manga has 35th compiled Tankoubon volumes available.

Source: Yahoo! Japan