When sending out wedding invitations, it has to be stylish enough that the person you invited would respond immediately. However, one couple from Japan did it with style, and their wedding invitations went viral. This is because the invitation they sent had a very cute Pokemon theme going on.

Here’s what the invite says:

Newlyweds Issei and Shoko want to invite you to their wedding!

Will you attend? >Yes >No

Tell us your name!
Tell us your address and phone number!
Do you have any allergies? Yes / No
Will you ride the bus? From where? Yes / No (Place: ___)
Write any message here!

Now ain’t that just the cutest? And with that, it seems that the couple is also planning to do a Pokemon-themed wedding as well.

It received plenty of likes and retweets, with many suggesting the invitee to frame it. However, there’s one problem with that suggestion, because the invitee can’t RSVP. Oh well…

Now, how would you respond to an invite like this? For me, I’d keep it and just text, e-mail, or PM the couple just because their invite is so awesome.

Source: @sumito_47 via Sora News 24