Seiyuu Yuka Ozaki has voiced Serval for various Kemono Friends media already, and even acted as her in the live-action stage adaptation. Now, she’s once again appearing as Serval in live-action, this time for ATM network service, E-net. This would be for their latest CM, where she cosplays her most popular character.

Aside from featuring the seiyuu, the video also features the anime’s now-iconic OP, “Youkoso Japari Park e”. Oh, and it also reveals that Japan Postal Bank account card users can now use E-net ATMs for free. However, they can only do this during main business hours. E-net also posted a different CM featuring Serval, as well as their rabbit mascot, Atomu (ATM).

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As for Yuka Ozaki, the seiyuu also voiced other anime characters. These include BanG Dream’s Asuka Toyama and King’s Game’s Aya Matsuoka.