Seiyuu Yuka Ozaki has voiced Serval for various Kemono Friends media already, and even acted as her in the live-action stage adaptation. Now, she’s once again appearing as Serval in live-action, this time for ATM network service, E-net. This would be for their latest CM, where she cosplays her most popular character.

Aside from featuring the seiyuu, the video also features the anime’s now-iconic OP, “Youkoso Japari Park e”. Oh, and it also reveals that Japan Postal Bank account card users can now use E-net ATMs for free. However, they can only do this during main business hours. E-net also posted a different CM featuring Serval, as well as their rabbit mascot, Atomu (ATM).

As for Yuka Ozaki, the seiyuu also voiced other anime characters. These include BanG Dream’s Asuka Toyama and King’s Game’s Aya Matsuoka.