When it comes to Japanese mascots, Kumamoto Prefectiure’s Kumamon is one of the most popular. Now, it seems that he’s getting his own anime, with his home prefecture producing it as well!

Photo by The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images

Kumamoto Prefecture governor Ikuo Kabashima announced the anime himself during a press conference. He revealed that they are tentatively planning to release the anime by 2019. And that’s not all, because they’re also planning to release the anime worldwide as well.

Governor Kabashima also said that the Kumamoto Prefectural Government will now allow foreign bussinesses to use Kumamon as a character. However, they are limiting this, as they won’t allow businesses related to forestry, agriculture, and marine products. This is a big move, as they previously only allowed Japanese companies to use Kumamon within Japan. They expect this move to bring in more tourists after the drop following the devastating Kumamoto Earthquake of 2016.

However, interested foreign businesses interested in using Kumamon must pay 5-7% in royalties. But if that company is directly involved with Kumamoto prefecture’s economy, they can pay only 3-5% in royalties. Advertising agency Asatsu-DK Inc will be handling the approval of applications for use of the character. The agency will also be part of the anime’s production, along with Yoshimoto Kogyo.

Source: NHK