To help promote various agendas, Japanese police would often invite celebrities like actresses, idols, and seiyuu as honorary police chiefs. And this is what Love Live Sunshine’s hometown of Numazu, Shizuoka did for their local police department. And because Numazu has such strong ties with AQOURS, they chose You Watanabe’s seiyuu, Shuka Saitou to act as the town’s honorary police chief.

However, the AQOURS member only served as chief of police for only 30 minutes. This makes her the shortest-serving celebrity police chief ever. But she did help the law enforcers by promoting the area’s “110th Day” celebrations.

Of course, 110 is Japan’s emergency number for the police. The Japanese government set up the number back in 1985 on the 10th of January, therefore 110.

As for Shuka Saitou herself, she’s currently getting herself ready to reprise her role as You for the Love Live Sunshine film. However, even as temporary police chief, the seiyuu hasn’t revealed anything about it yet.

Source: Yaraon!

Erratum: Photos of Arisa Komiya were mistakenly attached to the article. Our apologies for the confusion.