Much like what Boruto has done in continuing Naruto’s story with the next generation, Major 2nd takes a look at a new generation of baseball players, focusing on the previous main character’s son. And much like Boruto, this next generation manga is also getting its own TV anime. Now, NHK has unveiled a brand new PV for the new series, as well as a new key visual.

The new anime follows Daigo, the son of Major’s protagonist, Goro Shigeno. Natsumi Fujiwara will be voicing Daigo, while Koutaro Nishiyama will be voicing his best friend, Hikaru Sato. As for the previous generation, Showtaro Morikubo will be reprising his role as Goro. The anime will premiere on 7th April, with Ayumu Watanabe directing the series.

The original series received a 154-episode TV anime adaptation, as well as an OVA and an anime film. It follows Goro Honda, who lost his professional baseball player father in an accident. After his father’s untimely demise, he sets out to be a pro himself. As for Major 2nd, it follows Goro’s son, Daisuke, as he tries to find his own path to the majors.