OK, so before we begin, we would just like to issue a spoiler warning to those who haven’t watched your name yet. And with that out of the way, it looks like a fan may have solved one of the film’s biggest mysteries.

Near the end of your name, Taki’s first love, Miki Okudera, is sporting a wedding ring. This proves that his first love never came to fruition. But when twitter user, @yuuka1382, found an exclusive pamphlet from the film, she pieced together clues which may answer the question of who stole “Okudera-senpai” from Taki.

Her tweet says:

“By the way everyone, I want to draw your attention to the final cafe scene where Taki and his two friends were job hunting, particularly Tsukasa’s left ring finger. Think about what I’ve said. Yes, there’s only one answer. Taki’s best friend, Tsukasa, is Okudera’s partner.”

But is there any proof that they married each other? After all, they might have different spouses. However, the pamphlets themselves seem to prove her theory:

“Question: During the final moments when the three friends were hunting for jobs, Tsukasa has a wedding band on his ring finger. Did he get married when he was a student? Is it possible that Okudera is his partner?

Answer: You’re a sharp one! It’s a little backstory, but Tsukasa and Okudera were engaged.”

Yeah, it looks like Tsukasa stole Okudera away from Taki right under his nose. But then again, at that point, he seems to be going to get his “destined partner”. Yeah, the entire film seems to be revolving around “that”. And by “that,” we mean Taki and Mitsuha’s destiny together.

But that did not stop fans from getting their minds blown off. They totally didn’t see the revelation coming, and said it was… NTR.

“What a way to get NTRed (a slang used to describe a woman seduced away from the protagonist).”
“I knew it!”
“Yup, he totally got NTRed.”
“So did they got it on at the inn back then or what?”
“And to think that I liked Tsukasa….”

Source: Rocket News 24