Back in the 1980’s, when VHS and Beta Max ruled supreme, studios released entire anime series just on home video. Of course, this practice would lead to the Original Video Animation (OVA) we have today. But since their creators only released them through home video, many of them became a bit obscure. Now, a new book takes a look at these OVAs of the 80’s, which many of us might not even be familiar with.

Titled Original Video Animation (OVA) 80’s: Tape ga Head ni Karamu Mae ni, the book takes a look at 250 OVA titles which had releases from 1983-1989. It also features discussions on children’s anime, and of course, 80’s OVA waifus.  Animator Masami Obari, Silent Möbius creator Kia Asamiya, and seiyuu Sumire Uesaka will also be talking about these kinds of anime.

As for the book itself, it will hit bookstores staring February 2018. And for all you classic anime fans, better fix up and dust those old VCRs, look for those tapes, and go on a nostalgia trip.

Source: Comic Natalie