The late great Shigeru Mizuki touched the lives of many with his greatest work, Gegege no Kitarou. Now, Toei animation has announced they are celebrating the manga’s 50th anniversary with a new anime. They also revealed a brand new PV, which teases the new anime’s new voice cast. Toei also unveiled a brand new key visual for this anime as well, and it announces April 1, 2018 premiere.

Miyuki Sawashiro will be the new Kitarou, taking over the legendary Masako Nozawa for the role. However, the legendary seiyuu will also be joining the new anime’s cast, but not as Kitarou. This is because she’s voicing Medama Oyaji. What’s Gegege no Kitarou without Masako Nozawa, right?

Meanwhile, Toshio Furukawa, who voiced Aobozu and Chinpo in previous anime, will be voicing Nezumi Otoko. On the other hand, Umeka Shouji will be voicing Neko Musume.

This new anime will also feature a new character in Mana Inuyama, and Yukiyo Fujii is voicing her. Meanwhile, Monkey D. Luffy herself, Mayumi Tanaka, will be voicing Sunakake Baba.

And if Luffy’s here, Usopp’s here as well, because Kappei Yamaguchi is voicing Ittan Momen. Finally, veteran seiyuu Bin Shimada will be voicing two characters in Konaki Jijii and Nurikabe

Kouji Ogawa is directing the series over at Toei Animation, with Hiroshi Ohnogi doing the series composition. Meanwhile, Sorato Shimizu is serving as both the character designer and chief animation director. The anime will premiere on 1st April 2018 via Fuji TV, replacing Dragon Ball Super. However, Toei didn’t reveal if Dragon Ball Super is actually ending, or just moving to a new timeslot.

Source: Kitorou official