Kemono Friends has two musical groups, Doubutsu Biscuit and PPP, and both groups previously performed the anime’s OP. Now, these two groups are coming together once again to cover  the Hatsune Miku song “Do Re Mi Fa Rondo”. Also known as the “Friends version” of the song, the staff have now released a new music video for it. However, it also got fans talking as it features a whole new character design much different from the anime. While new character designs are nothing new, these ones come just after the franchise cut ties with director TATSUKI and studio Yaoyorozu.

Tama, the artist behind the song’s original Hatsune Miku version, made the character designs. The video itself also strikes similarities to the original one, which 40mP produced.

Of course, this made fans speculate that Tama would now be serving as the series’ new character designer. However, the Kemono Friends staff didn’t reveal anything yet. This may just be a case of the music video having a different artist, and that they still haven’t revealed anime’s new character designer yet. However, Kemono Friends is in fact moving forward to season 2, but not with Tatsuki or Yaoyorozu.