In Japan, once someone reaches the age of 20, they have now reached the country’s legal age. And to celebrate the occasion, they even hold a special day where they also do a special coming-of-age ceremony. This often leads to a speech at the local government office, as well as lots of partying and even drinking.

They also do this in Kumamoto Prefecture, where One Piece mangaka, Eiichiro Oda grew up. And to celebrate, residents who are part of the coming-of-age ceremony also get a special gift from the mangaka. He also drew this special illustration congratulating Japan’s new legal adults.

They will hold the Kumamoto ceremony on 8th February at the Kumamoto City General Stadium and Youth Hall. They will then hand out the special gifts from the legendary mangaka there as well. Oda even has a special message for the new adults, telling them that they’re now responsible for themselves.

Many Kumamoto residents are still reeling from the great earthquake of 2016, and Oda himself has been quite active in the reconstruction efforts. He has been giving back quite a lot to his hometown, which gave him so much. Let’s just say that without Kumamoto, we won’t have One Piece.

Source: oricon