While the Pokemon Company has been holding Pokemon World Championships and various other global competitions, it ain’t exactly an e-Sport. However, that seems to be changing, as they’re introducing all 720 Pokemon species into even more competitive play. Called “P-Sports,” this new e-Sport variant of Pokemon will boast higher stakes than the other usual competitions.

AbemaTV will be launching this new “P-Sport” program on 24th January. It will feature top Pokemon players, as well as celebrities and YouTubers going up against one another.

And as featured in the video, they also have their own “P-Sports Elite Four” who will take on challengers. Those who beat the Elite Four will then go on to become the P-Sports Champion, just like the games. The Elite Four includes comedian Hiroshi Yamamoto, as well as YouTube Pokemon gamer, Hajime Shacho. Prominent Pokemon player, Raibarori, and a trainer who placed third in the Japan Content Showcase 2016 round out the Elite 4.

Pokemon has always had a competitive community, however, they don’t exactly have professionals like other e-Sports. Though right now, it seems to be limited just for Japan. But given Pokemon’s global appeal, many are expecting the Pokemon Company to expand this internationally in the future.

Japan currently has a burgeoning e-Sports community as well, though mostly for fighting games and shooters.