Looks like everybody’s favorite evil loli is back, and this time, with her own film! An advance look at Comp Ace Magazine’s upcoming February 2018 issue revealed that Carlo ZEN’s popular light novel series, Saga of Tanya the Evil (Youjo Senki), will be getting an animated film adaptation.

Yes folks, we’re getting more of Tanya’s crazy murder faces! The anime’s director, Yutaka Uemura, also confirmed with the magazine that it will be a compilation film. He said that it will feature the story from all 12 episodes of the hit TV anime.

The magazine also stated that the Carlo ZEN’s light novels now have 2.7 million copies in circulation. They have also been teasing an “important announcement” for the franchise, and it looks like it’s about the new film. However, it might not have been what fans are expecting, as they initially thought it would be a new season for the TV anime.