The Junji Ito Collection TV anime is now spooking viewers as part of the new winter 2018 anime season. Now, Akihabara-based salon, Venus Rico Nail Salon, is offering some pretty spooky Junji Ito-inspired nails. But beware though, because like most Junji ito works, these nails ain’t for the weak of heart.

The salon is offering several design sets which feature various Junji Ito characters. These include the Crossroads Bishounen, as well as Tomie, who each two designs. Fuchi the cannibalistic and monstrous fashion model also gets two designs as well. Customers can also choose to have these designs on their own nails, or purchase them as artificial nails.

Depending on what customers choose, treatments range from 12,960 yen-21,600 yen. Venus Rico Nail Salon is now offering these nail treatments in their store in Akihabara. They also previously teamed up with other anime such as Mr Osomatsu and Attack on Titan as well.

Source: Comic Natalie