During a recent episode of his radio show, “The BAY☆LINE,” seiyuu Showtaro Morikubo revealed a major event in his life. He announced that he’s now a father, as his wife recently gave birth to their very first child.

The Naruto seiyuu also revealed that his newborn is a girl, and even noted that he’s now learning how to change diapers! Several colleagues in the seiyuu industry, as well as fans, posted congratulatory messages to the seiyuu after his announcement.

Well wishers even commented that his baby girl might also have a great voice just like her dad. Others commented that they’ll be jealous of her because she will hear his voice everyday. And because of this, fans gave the seiyuu a new nickname in “Chichikubo” (Papa-kubo). Hey, the nickname even trended on twitter for a while as fans sent their congratulations.

As for the man himself, Chichikubo has voiced plenty of anime characters, including Naruto’s Shikamaru Nara. He also voiced several notable characters, such as Yowamushi Pedal’s Yusuke Makishima and Hakuoki’s Souji Okita. He also recently voiced Kouji Kabuto in the new Mazinger/Infinity film. Congratulations Chichikubo!

Source: Anime! Anime!