Acclaimed Singaporean director, Eric Khoo will be bringing two countries together in a new culinary film titled Ramen Teh. It will star Japanese actor Takumi Saito, Mark Lee and Jeannette Aw, as well as former idol, Seiko Matsuda.

The film itself will be focusing much on food, and they even have notable culinary minds helping out. Ramen king Keisuke Takeda and food blogger Leslie Tay are lending their expertise to the film. In fact, Ramen Keisuke proudly posted about being part of the production. Ramen Teh premieres this 29 March 2018.

Ramen Teh follows Japanese ramen chef, Masato (Takumi Saito), who travels to the Lion City to find out more about his Singaporean mother, who died when he was 10 years old. During the trip, he meets Miki (played by Seiko Matsuda), a Japanese food blogger who helps him track down his Singaporean relatives.

Source: Straits Times