When Suzuko Mimori and Pro wrestler, Kazuchika Okada (or just Okada), came out and announced their relationship, they shocked fans. But while they faced expected backlash from die-hard Suzuko Mimori fans, others showed their full support. And because of this, the seiyuu took to twitter to express her gratitude to the fans who supported her.

In her tweet, Mimorin said that the messages of support made her cry. She then thanked everyone, and promised to work hard even more. Of course, this received a ton of replies, not only from her Japanese fans, but foreign fans as well. Majority of which urged her on with messages of love and support.

Mimorin previously apologised on twitter, especially to the fans she shocked because of her private life. She then acknowledged that she and Okada are in a serious relationship, and added that they are even talking about a future together. However, she vowed to work harder, and apologised once again. As for Okada, the “Rainmaker” also admitted to the relationship on twitter as well. He said that he and Mimori are very serious in their relationship, and are both talking about the future. He also said that he will continue working hard as a wrestler, and then thanked everyone.

Fans might know Suzuko Mimori as Umi from Love Live, as well as Digimon Adventure Tri’s Sora. Meanwhile, Okada is the reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion for New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). Known as the “Rainmaker,” he serves as the promotion’s longest-reigning IWGP Heavyweight champion. Last year, he elevated his game with a series of three classic matches against Bullet Club leader, Kenny Omega. He also promotes various Bushiroad products, and this may be the reason why he met Suzuko Mimori. This is because Mimori also voices Milky Holmes’ Sherlock Shellingford and Cardfight Vanguard’s Kourin.