While the Sword Art Online TV anime introduced us to the world of VRMMOs, the Ordinal Scale film tackled the world of Augmented Reality (AR). Now, Tokyo Anime Tourism is launching a special AR event featuring Sword Art Online. Participants just need to be in Tokyo, as well as have smartphones, in order to join in a digital stamp rally.

Participants must first download a special app in order to register and participate. Then, they must travel around Tokyo and interact with Sword Art Online’s AR characters around several hot spots. To find these hot spots, participants must check their maps. But don’t worry, because these hot spots only have a 30m radius between them.

Those who hit these hot spots gain points, which the can also exchange for various prizes. These include button pins, clear files, and towels. They will launch the digital stamp rally on 28th January with a special kickoff event  in Bellesalle Akihabara. However, they would only hold thsi AR rally for a month, until 28th February. So if you’re ever in Tokyo, why not dive into augmented reality and play this digital stamp rally?

Source: Tokyo Anime Tourism Official