Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail manga may be over, but it’s still one of the most popular manga today. Kodansha USA recently featured the popular mangaka in a couple of new videos, which show us how he draws his Fairy Tail characters. They split the videos into two parts, and it features a time-lapse version of Mashima working his magic.

In the first video, Mashima started out by drawing Happy, before moving to Lucy, and others. Hey, he even drew his caricature together with his mascot character, Plue! Meanwhile, for the second video, he started off with Igneel before moving to draw Levy, Gajeel, and other characters. He finally finished off his session with Natsu and Lucy’s daughter.

Kodansha previously featured a video of Mashima drawing Natsu back in 2016 as well.

Fairy Tail ended its long run back in July of last year. Its TV anime adaptation will then enter its long-awaited final season this year, and will finally conclude the story of the ever-wacky mage guild.