Monster Hunter World is arguably the hottest and most talked-about console game right now. And one of its features, of course, involves those lovable walking cats, the Felynes. These helpful assistants are a must-have in any Monster Hunter game, and have definitely had a huge impact in the new game. But how would actual felines react to these Felynes? Well, let’s just say that Japanese twitter just erupted with cuteness…

image via @misogorikun

As expected, these videos went trending in Japan, as several cats reacted adorably to hearing Felyne voices from the game.

Though sometimes, it’s not the sounds which catch their attention…

While some turned to their owner, seemingly asking where the mystery cat is?

via @comori_uta

And unsurprisingly, it’s not just cats who got themselves confused, because dogs also reacted…

Ain’t that just adorable?

source: Sora News 24

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