The Dragon Ball Super TV anime’s staff has previously confirmed that Aya Hisakawa will now be Bulma’s new seiyuu. She will be replacing the late Hiromi Tsuru, whose sudden passing left a huge hole in the seiyuu industry.  Now, Aya Hisakawa is finally making her debut as the new Bulma, but this isn’t for a new Dragon Ball Super episode. Instead, she debuts in a commercial for KAO, which recently teamed up with Dragon Ball Super.

The CM promoted several collaboration merchandise between the two. These include the “Bath Magiclean/Toilet Magiclean/Pikatto Kagayaku Seat”, as well as the “Strong Kabi (Mold) Haiter”. The collaboration cleaning products also includes “Toilet Quickele” as well.

KAO will release these items to the public starting 3rd March. And yes, you don’t really need Super Saiyan powers, or even the ability to go Ultra Instinct to clean the bathroom.

Source: Kao