In general, Capsule Hotels would only often provide a place to sleep, as well as a shower. Sure, some have WiFi and a lounge for guests, but that’s about it. After all, they originally made capsule hotels for people on the go like stranded businessmen. However, one capsule hotel in Osaka is going above and beyond.

Visitors in Osaka can find the Grand Sauna Shinsaibashi in the very heart of the city. Just a 5-minute walk from exit 25 of Namba Station, it just seems like any old Japanese capsule hotel. It’s most basic package is just 2,900 per night, but for a little extra, guests can enjoy other amenities you won’t expect from capsule hotels. For example, for 3,500 yen, guests can access three types of saunas, outdoor bath, and/or jet baths. And what’s more is that guests can enjoy a rest area which boasts multiple recliners, mats, TVs, and about 100,000 volumes of manga. Guests can enjoy reading these manga over at the rest area, which has plenty of recliners to relax on.

Like most hotels, they also have massages and a restaurant. However, this one also has a game area.

And what’s more is that aside from reading from a library of 100,000 manga volumes, guests can also have a VR experience. This is because guests can also rent out a VR headgear at the front desk to enjoy in their capsules.

Source: Sora News 24