Just fresh off from celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year, made a huge announcement regarding the Chinese Zodiac anime, Etotama. During the event, they announced that the series is getting itself a second season. The anime’s twitter page also confirmed the announcement as well.

However, the staff also announced that they will be revealing further details at a later date. This means that we’ll be getting more details about this new anime, including staff, cast, PVs, key visuals, and more in the future.

The series received a 12-episode TV anime back in spring 2015. It follows the Eto-musumes (Zodiac girls), who are messengers and act as the bridge between the gods and humans. But every 12 years, they hold the ETM tournament to determine which girls would become Zodiacs. And every year, the same 12 girls win it all. The cat girl, Nya-tan, wishes to be part of the Zodiac, but she has to go through all 12 Eto-musumes to do that.

source: Yaraon!