Everyone rejoice, because after going on an indefinite hiatus since November 2016, Eir Aoi has now announced her return! The popular Japanese singer announced in her official website that she will be making her return sometime in spring 2018. Her YouTube channel even released a new music video to celebrate her return. The song is titled “Yakosoku,” and of course, it announces her return from that 1-year and 3-month hiatus.

Her website went offline when she went on hiatus, and reopened earlier this month. Of course, the returning official website got fans talking about Eir Aoi’s inevitable return! The singer’s staff then thanked everyone for their continued support.

Before her hiatus, the singer stopped by Singapore and Thailand for her Last Blue concert tour. The singer has been having health problems, and even went on an earlier hiatus before this one. While she did make a few appearances, she didn’t release any new song or album in that period.

We here at WOW Japan sincerely hope that she makes a speedy recovery from her ailments, so to Eir Aoi, get well soon!