Any artist knows that there are a ton of programs and apps out there that can help him/her create masterpieces. However, it’s a fact that Microsoft Excel isn’t on top of that list. But then again, one anime fan in Japanese Twitter user @Maruraba_2 has proven that you can in fact use Excel in creating great anime artworks.

The artist created many fine works using the unexpected program. These artworks include Girls und Panzer’s Miho, as well as Eromanga Sensei’s Sagiri. She also created artworks featuring Is the Order a Rabbit’s Rize, Kemono Friends’ Tsuchinoko, and many more.

Of course, him using Microsoft Excel has many fans and artists talking. This may be because Excel would be one of the last programs any artist would use… except for Maruba. In reality, people would use the program for a variety of reasons, such as organising, scheduling, and other matters. But when he used it for art, he really wowed people, and surprised them because he can actually do that.

source: Sora News 24