When Kadokawa removed director Tatsuki and studio Youyorozu from Kemono Friends, it created a huge firestorm. And now that Kadokawa has confirmed that Tatsuki won’t ever be coming back to the project, that left the director more options. Of course, that includes a mysterious new project they’ve been teasing for a while now. And as it turns out, they are calling this new project, “Hentatsu,” and they even released a new PV:

However, the YouTube video still described the work as a “tentative version”. This means that Tatsuki and his 3-man team, irodori, will still be applying more changes to the anime. The video then ends with the word  “beginning.”

As for the project itself, the director also teased an artwork featuring two female characters in a train station. They even held auditions for these two characters. Tatsuki also describes the work as a “Hobby anime,” though he didn’t expound on that either.

Tatsuki gained plenty of headlines last year after Kadokawa fired him, as well as the rest of irodori. He, along with the rest of irodori and studio Yaoyorozu won’t be returning for Kemono Friends season 2 despite heavy fan protests.