Let’s just admit it, we all wish we have hair like a Saiyan from Dragon Ball. And of course, even better than that is hair like a Super Saiyan, right? Well, the Japanese idol group, Kinki Kids, recently appeared for a CM for the new Bandai Namco mobile game app, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. It’s safe to say that they had the appropriate hair for the situation. To be precise, they have it to Super Saiyan 3 levels.

Yeah, living the dream, huh? But then again, it makes us think how impractical having that much hair would be. I think someone accidentally bumping into those points might accidentally kill himself. But then again, they do look cool, as a Super Saiyan would.

But then again, if Dragon Balls were real, we could always wish to have hair like that, right? We certainly don’t want to waste a wish to resurrect Krillin or Yamcha again, right? Sorry guys, having Super Saiyan hair takes much priority.