For years, the Japan Red Cross Society has teamed up with various anime in order to save lives. They would often show up during Comiket and ask event-goers to donate blood, and also hold occasional anime-themed blood drives. Now, their latest team-up is with Love Live Sunshine, and AQOURS members are asking their fans to donate blood.

Blood donations will help save lives, especially for those who need blood transfusions and have Dengue fever. And the Japan Red Cross Society is rewarding donors who give some of their blood for the collaboration. Like previous anime blood drives, donors will get a special limited edition AQOURS clear file. They will only make 50,000 of these clear files, but they’re distributing it all over the country.

Of course, because there are only a limited number of them, they will have the donations on a first come, first serve basis. Donors have to give about 400mL of their blood to participate. For safety reasons, male donors have to refrain from donation again for 12 hours, while female donors have to wait 16 hours. And to get their hands on these clear files, donors must donate to the Red Cross in Japan before 20th February.

source: 0takomu