Enako is one of Japan’s most popular cosplayers out there, and she’s even been to AFA several times already. She recently appeared on one of Japan’s most popular variety shows, Downtown DX, and she even revealed one of the biggest surprises about her. This is because in the show, she revealed her monthly salary, which is pretty high.

It turns out that in December alone, she made around 90,000 USD. It looks like she may be making more than the show’s other celebrity guests because the revelation surprised everyone.

However, it seems that this wasn’t the case when she was just starting out. In fact, in 2016, she revealed that she only made 9,000 yen a month. Now that’s certainly a long way in just a year, as she increased her income ten-fold in such a short time.

But how did she get so much money? It turns out that aside from game and anime companies hiring her as an official cosplayer, she also appears in commercials. She also hosts a talk show on Live.me. And if the profits from that aren’t enough, she also sells official Enako merchandise, as well as photobooks.

Well, she’s one of the most in-demand cosplayers in the world right now, appearing in international events like AFA. And she has gone a long way since starting out a few years ago.

Image: 2ch