Kim Kardashian is one of the most well-known celebrities in the world. She recently visited Japan with her also-famous husband, Kanye West, and as expected, mobs of fans followed them around. According to @TokyoFashion, the couple visited Harajuku, and fans also spotted them over in Shinjuku.

But while normal Japanese went buzzing about the celebrity couple’s Japanese visit, it also had anime fans talking. This is because Kim Kardashian herself visited Animate of all things in Shinjuku. She even posted a photo of her shopping for manga in the iconic anime store.

Kim Kardashian’s Animate appearance certainly has people talking, as they wondered what was she doing there? Maybe she likes anime and manga too, or maybe she thinks her son, North West, might like anime. Maybe she’s just curious, or aa friend asked her to buy manga, we don’t know. But whatever her reason is, she did visit an Animate, and that gave the shop a lot of free publicity.