A manga about a fujoshi getting herself a harem of handsome men, but is more interested in shipping them with each other has become one of the most popular shoujo manga out there. However, it seems that this reverse harem series has now ended its 5-year run inside the pages of Bessatsu Friend magazine. That’s right folks, Junko’s Kiss Him, Not Me manga has now officially ended.

Bessatsu Friend featured the final chapter in their March 2018 issue, which they released last 13th February. So far, the manga has 14 collected Tankoubon volumes, as well as a popular TV anime adaptation.

The manga follows Kae Seranuma, an overweight fujoshi obsessed with male-male relationships. However, when her favorite character gets killed off, she refused to eat and lost weight fast. When she returned to school, she suddenly becomes its prettiest girl. Of course, this results to four of the school’s most popular boys all vying for her affections. However, Kae is more interested in shipping them with each other.

Source: Comic Natalie