After turning Freddy and Jason into bishiujo figures, it seems that Kotobukiya ain’t done yet! Because the Japanese figure company has announced that they are teaming up with American Toy giant, Hasbro! They will not just be turning My Little Pony characters into Bishoujo figures, but G.I. Joe as well! And they’re starting off with the 4th-wall breaking bundle of fun herself, Pinky Pie!

Like all Bishoujo figures, illustrator Shunya Yamashita will be providing the base illustration for the figure. They will reveal even more Hasbro collaboration figures in the days to come. So this means we better expect bishoujo versions of Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and many more.

Of course, any Brony or Pegasister would know this ain’t the first time My little Pony got anthropomorphic versions. Hasbro also introduced the Equestria Girls line, which re-imagines the ponies into teenage girls. But based on the new Shunya Yamashita illustration, don’t expect the bishoujo versions to look anything like the Equestria Girls. And remember folks, Friendship is Magic, OK?

Source: Kotobukiya Facebook Page