Wataru Yoshizumi’s Marmalade Boy manga is one of the most beloved shoujo manga series out there. This means that the producers and staff should spare no expense in producing the upcoming live-action film. And it seems that they did just that, as the crew built an entire house just for the production. This house will then serve as the setting for the Marmalade Boy’s story.

Anyone who has ever been house hunting knows that buying a house in itself is expensive, let alone building one. But then again, Marmalade boy is really a classic, so sparing no expense for the film isn’t that surprising, right?

Hinako Sakurai will play the female lead, Miki Koishikawa, while Ryou Yoshizawa plays male lead, Yuu Matsura. The live-action film adaptation will premiere sometime in 27 April 2018, with a shoujo adaptation veteran directing it. Ryuuichi Hiroki previously directed the live-action Wolf Girl & Black Prince film, and now, he’s directing Marmalade Boy.

The original manga also inspired a very successful anime adaptation, which ran from 1994-1995. It also had a Taiwanese live-action TV series in 2001 as well as a dating sim for the Nintendo Gameboy. The manga itself has 10 volumes released, with a sequel titled Marmalade Boy Little still ongoing.

The manga follows Miki Koishikawa, whose parents decide to divorce and swap partners with another couple. Still suffering from shock, she meets the other couple’s son, Yuu Matsura. She develops an instant crush, and they develop feelings for each other. However, there are other people who have feelings for both of them, and they’ll do everything to keep them separated.

Source: Comic Natalie