After a decade together, looks like the seiyuu of Milky Holmes are going their separate ways. Suzuko Mimori, Sora Tokui, Mikoi Sasaki, and Izumi Kitta formed the group back in February 2009, and now, they announced they are separating in February 2019.

Together, the four seiyuu appeared in multiple concerts, and of course, also voiced their respective Milky Holmes characters. They even appeared in multiple AFAs together as a group! They said that their break-up will happen after their final concert in Yokohama in February of next year. The group will also hold a “Milky Holmes Road to Final” campaign in anticipation of their final concert.

So with them already setting a February 2019 finale concert, that marks a full decade of being together. They did everything, from radio shows, international appearances, and even performed at the hallowed Nippon Budoukan.

Now that they’re disbanding, what was your favorite Milky Holmes moment? And what’s your favorite song? Currently, they are already celebrating nine years together, and they’ve surely left an impression with fans worldwide. Thank you, Milky Holmes!

Source: Milky Holmes official